Teenagers, Frustration and Faith

Frustration is at the core of most disagreements, arguments, and attitudes.  One party or the other…heck maybe both is experience frustration.  When the level of frustration rises it causes pressure to build and otherwise calm, relatively quiet, easy-going people “lose it.” 

While I would never describe myself as calm, definitely not quiet and honestly, I’m not easy going either…I am usually pretty much the same temperament…I am a distracted, devoted, louder than most, full speed ahead then crash, high strung individual. 

My teenage son is the exact opposite in some ways…he’s laid back, moves at his own pace, highly talkative, friendly, water off a duck’s back kinda guy.  We clash…regularly. 

That slower than molasses pace causes me frustration, that “whatever” attitude when consequences are doled out causes me frustration.  The lack of foresight into how his action affect others causes me frustration. 

Heck…I make his sound like a bad kid if you only know him through this post…he’s not a bad kid…he’s actually pretty awesome.  He works step for step with his daddy and I daily (maybe not at the speed or the quality I expect but he’s there).  He loves his younger siblings and enjoys spending time with them.  He is passionate about the outdoors, farming, and welding…but he still causes me frustration. 

Any relationship is going to experience these ebbs and flows…somedays though it’s more than a momma’s heart and mind can handle.  I wish I could tell you in those minutes I laid it all at the foot of the Cross…but I don’t.  I explode!  I yell, I fuss…sometimes I cuss.  I do exactly what God has called me not to do.  I provoke my son, I don’t show him grace, I don’t speak to him kindly…and then I feel…devastated…I am devastated that I didn’t in my time of frustration point him to Jesus but instead I pushed him away.   I unleashed a tongue lashing instead of correcting him through godly love and discipline. 

You see as much as he is a sinner in need of Jesus Christ, his Savior…I am too.  I am a sinner, who constantly needs her Savior.  I am a human that falls short of HIS glory daily.  I can’t be the only momma who experiences this, can I?

Mommas what are we to do?  How are we to react?  How are we to discipline and disciple our children when we, too, are sinners? 

1.     We pray for wisdom, guidance, forgiveness, and better ways to respond when frustration takes over

2.    We ask for forgiveness from God AND those we have hurt on earth.

3.    We read God’s word and seek wisdom from the source.  We don’t rely ourselves but on God.


My desire for my children isn’t to get into Harvard or any other Ivy League school, my desire is for my children to get into Heaven.  I can’t get them there, heck I can’t even get myself there, but I can show them the ONE who can.  I can do my best to lead them on the path set out for them until it’s their turn to lead.  I can point them in the direction of the Cross…and most importantly as their momma I can pray.  Pray for their salvation, their safety, and pray for me.  Pray that I guide them with the grace, kindness, and love that only the Holy Spirit can give me.  Pray that I have impressed upon them their NEED for Jesus and a thankfulness that HE paid the ultimate price for them.  Pray that they know that no matter what Jesus & momma love them.  Pray that they have learned that correction is part of that love. 

I don’t expect to see results today, tomorrow…honestly, I may never see them…but I do pray that each passing day I am growing in my relationship with Jesus and guiding each of them to grow in theirs. 

Frustration is a human emotion; the Bible even tells us in Deuteronomy 28:20 that God sends frustration.  Thankfully, the Bible also tells us in Proverbs 3:6 ESV “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.” So when frustration sets in I urge to call out to God and remember His word… “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;” James 1:19. 


Until we meet again may God bless you real good!




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  1. Thank you for sharing! It's nice to know others are going through the same issues I am. Please keep posting!