DIY Flannel Flats Tutorial

I'm not sure I can really call this a tutorial as it's very simple to make your own flannel flats.

flannel material (finished product will be approximately 27 x 27 inches)
Ruler, measuring tape, or yard stick
Sewing Machine or hem tape

Note about flannel: not all flannel is created equally.  You can get flannel cheap at many craft stores and even my local Wal-Mart carries it.  You can even find old flannel sheets and cut them up from thrift stores.  But my favorite flannel is diaper flannel.   Diaper flannel is double napped meaning it's been brushed on both sides.  So both sides are the same. I find it to be more absorbent and to hold up better over time.  The diaper flannel I use to is $4 a yard.  4 yards of fabric will get you 5 diapers with some left over for doublers or wipes.  Also the diaper fabric comes 27 inches wide which means 2 less seams you have to worry about!!!

1. Prewash on hot and dry on hot using the same detergent you always do.
2.   Measure and mark out a  28 inches square on your fabric. (To make life easy you can leave the selvages on if you are using diaper flannel.)
3. Cut out the square.
4. Fold each cut side down 1/4 inch and press.  Once you have ironed down all your cut edges, if you are using hem tape: place your tape on top of nice new crisp edge.
Fold over another 1/4 inch (or enough to cover your tape) and iron again.  

5. If sewing fold over another 1/4 and press.  Pin down your folds to ensure they stay in place.  
6. Using a small zig zag stitch sew down your folds.  

Now you should have a 27 X 27 inch flannel flat.   

In a pinch you could stop at step 3 however your flats will fray quickly.  

Think you could whip some up?  Be sure to share some pictures if you do!  

Until next time may God bless you & keep you!


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