Homeschool Momma Overwhelm

Homeschool Overwhelm

Home educating our children has been one of my greatest blessing and challenges.  I struggle with selecting the “perfect” curriculum for our kids.  I compound that struggle by picking apart every little thing I like and dislike about each one I pick, and I have picked plenty! 

Let’s just say right this very moment in my house we have not 1, not 2 but 9 learning to read options!  We have 6 math options, 7 history/social science options, 5 science options, at least 5 language arts options, 4 preschool options plus 2 foreign languages.

You think I’m indecisive don’t you…you might be right…you might not be.  You see I am educated in the ways of modern education.  I went through public school, 4 years of college, taught in public school… shoot I even went back to school to get my M.Ed in CURRICULUM, Instruction and Assessment.  You would think all that dang education (and debt) makes me well equipped to pick curriculum for my students.  It doesn’t mean a hill of beans!  You see my kids (or yours) don’t fit a box or a standard.  God designed each of them uniquely.  Their talents, their learning styles, their strengths, and their weaknesses are all designed by God.  I will never pick the “perfect” curriculum because it doesn’t exist. 

“We do the best with the options we have, and God will do the rest.”  Oh, how easy that statement is to say and how difficult it is to live.  I still am swimming in a sea of curriculum options.  I must change my mindset…my husband on the other hand lives this mindset daily.  Needless to say, he doesn’t understand my conundrum. 

Our school year starts in less than 2 weeks, YIKES!  Have I finalized my choices?  NO!!!  A sweet friend asked me last week at dinner what I had decided…because said friend already had nailed hers down…I just stared blankly at her for a moment.  My deer-in-headlight answer…something we already own.  My husband rolled his eyes…more books arrived this week. 

Another dear friend and I were discussing options and she mentioned she hadn’t even started looking for next year…my anxiety began to twitch…she rattles off a few things she is interested in looking at more closely…I offer her my copies to explore, because yes, I owned them all. 

We live in a unique time to home educate our children.  We probably live in the most accommodating time of the last 100 years to chose home education.  We have a plethora of options, support, and community to rely on.  We aren’t bound to just a few publishers who tweak classroom packages for the homeschool.  We have whole million-dollar companies dedicated to us!!  And there is the problem…they are all vying for our attention, our money, and our loyalty. 

So how do you decide?  Pray!  Once you have finished praying…you might have to do it again and again especially if you are like me pouring out your heart in prayer but not yielding to listen.  Once I slowed down and yielded to what HE was trying to guide me to…I realized a few things…

1.     It is more important that my home be Christ-centered, than a school centered. 

2.    Children for centuries have learned in multi-age groups.  Mommas you know that your tag-a-along picks up on things long before your bigs because they have heard the lessons…sometimes repeatedly.  

3.    Learning isn’t always neat and tidy, nor does it always look like textbooks and worksheets

4.    Our children must be able to communicate well in written and oral language.  They need to be well read and able to express themselves, defend their faith and move people with their passion. 

5.     We have to prioritize relationships over test scores.

Does this mean we are not going to have structured learning?  NO!!! I am NOT an unschooler by any means.  It means that I have a few days before I have to nail things down.  I am going to sit back and enjoy some time exploring and perusing rabbit trails.  I am going to pray.  I am going to discuss it further with my husband and together we will decide on a plan to fit our family, our life and most of all focus on our faith in Christ Jesus. 


Until we meet again may God bless you real good,






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