Thin Down Thursday: Week 9

Sitting in church on Sunday I realized that God had given me the body he wanted me to have 
but that my sins (gluttony, laziness, etc) are what have transformed it into the body I have today. 
I also realize that my two blessings (plus a life of abundance in comparison to many)
 have also had an impact on my body as well.  
They have given me stretch marks, scars, and pudginess I didn't have prior 
and that while I would not change a single one of them my body can never be the same
 as one who hasn't had two rambunctious boys.  
 I will never get back the body I had in high school or college.  
But I can care for the body I have now. 
 I am not working to get fit for others, my husband, or really honestly even for myself, 
but for God!!
 Does that mean a dress size or ideal number on the scale?  
No it means I work hard doing my very best for HIM,
 but just as every journey in life has it struggles I must accept the setbacks and plateaus as they arrive.  Praying my way through them instead of throwing in the towel.  
I need to give thanks to him for carrying me this far.  
The Lord put in on my heart to start a fitness journey 
because honestly I am too lazy and unmotivated on my own!  
Because of that I need to look to him for guidance and support.  

So my motivation wall isn't covered in pictures of my ideal body, but with verses that encourage me when I want to give up, that guide me through the hard times, and remind me of what type of woman I want to be.

Here are a few verses that motivate me I found on Pinterest (haha imagine that)

Bible verses for fitness motivation

Bible verses for fitness

Running Medals display Rack / inspirational bible verse on Etsy, $28.99

I'm getting fit, because my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit...and I need to take care of what God has given me. I'm doing this for Him.

I like to check out Peak313 Fitness blog for new routines and motivation but have really found myself fond of crossfit workouts.  I can do them at home and they are relatively quick to complete...the recovery however sometimes takes longer than the workout itself!  I have a love/hate relationship with makes me think I am dying every time I do a workout but then once I realize I will survive I feel stronger...and strength is way more important than skinny...

So how did I do this week?  
I didn't track my food like I should.  Honestly this makes a huge difference for me.  
I only got in 3 workouts this week.
I am not drinking enough water.

Below is my chart...the numbers are either holding steady or slowly moving down.

So what are the goals for next week??
1. Complete 6 #Crossfit #WOD at home
2. Track my food consumption 
3. Drink more water!
4. Walk/jog at least 5 miles in the next 7 days

Are you still working on your fitness goals?  What keeps you motivated?


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